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urban nature, Erfurt, art, sheep

When thinking nature, we mostly see nature reserves, national or parks or rural areas before our inner eye rather than city. Shrinking habitats through intensive agriculture and urban sprawl on one side, sufficient food supply and shelter in cities on the other side offer more and more animals urban habitats. City heat and climate change enable more animals and plants to overwinter in colder climates. Raising environmental awareness and the need for places of local recreation activates ideas about city green: fallows are greened for Zwischennutzung (temporary use) as urban gardens or resting areas, front yards are being revived, streets, house walls or tram tracks are being greened as well. All together the greening has positive side effects: a healthier city climate, local recreation areas, unexpected wildlife “discoveries” in a city, Lebensqualität (life quality).

All photos were taken in Erfurt/Germany. Ongoing project.

urban nature, Erfurt, heron, flood canal, sustainability

Heron watching out for fish in the Flutgraben, a flood protection canal that was built more than one hundred years ago. 

urban nature, urban wildlife, Erfurt, Kressepark, heron

Heron flying over the area of the Kressepark.

urban nature, Erfurt, water, flood canal
urban nature, urban green, urban wildlife, Erfurt, otter, duckling, water, flood canal
urban nature, Erfurt, heron, built environment

Urban hunter: heron looking out for fish in the heart of the city.

urban nature, Erfurt, Petersberg, kestrel, nesting cave

Young kestrel in a nesting cave in an old building at the Petersberg fortress.

urban nature, Erfurt, church, steepel, kestrel

Falcons find at church towers what they would find at cliffs: thermic winds for bold flight manoeuvres and niches for nesting in safe heights. Vistas, insects and mice are inclusive.

urban nature, Erfurt, duck, car

Duck using a car as lookout.

urban nature, Erfurt, ducks, water, Schildchensmühle
urban nature, Erfurt, fountain, water, ducks, city centre

Chill out at a city fountain

urban nature, Erfurt, Rieth, Falkenried, backyard wildlife, duck, man
urban nature, Erfurt, Falkenried, trees, owl, fledgeling

Owl in a side street. Nearby streams, groves, and fields provide sufficient food.

urban nature, urban wildlife, Erfurt, swallow, swallow nests
urban nature, Erfurt, old town, sparrows, half-timber building
urban nature, Erfurt, park, Brühler Garten, old trees, mother and child

Parks planted generations ago were green investments in the future, our present.

urban nature, Erfurt, city center, urban green, park, recreation
urban nature, Erfurt, city green, tram tracks, flower beds, city
urban nature, Erfurt, city center, playground, green space, play, flowers
urban nature, Erfurt, city green, urban green,
urban nature, Erfurt, abandoned train tracks, urban green

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