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On Country Road 21

Winter night

Night at Lake Bemidji

Summer leftovers in deep winter

When Fahrenheit and Celcius meet: minus 40 at the morning of January 31, 2019, in Bemidji, Minnesota

of those amazing mornings on Lake Bemidji

Mobile, low impact: ice fishing without a car.

Searching for leftovers from the fishing  cabins on Lake Bemidji

Another quiet winter day

One of those amazing mornings on Lake Bemidji

Moving on to the next best fishing spot

Bemidjigamaag - the river crossing a lake. Mississippi inflow to frozen Lake Bemidji

That time of the year when mysterious boxes appear on the lake.

Mississippi Bridge


At Fern Lake

Pink morning

Winter night sky

Clouds over Lake Bemidji

blizzard, winter, snow, downtown, Minnesota, Bemidji

Bemidji in blizzard

tree, frozen lake, cabins, winter, snow, Minnesota

Fisher cabin whiteout

winter, ice, snow, trees, lake, Minnesota

After the blizzard

cow, tree, snow, winter, Minnesota

I want green grass, now!

winter, snow, trees, country road, Minnesota

Country road

blizzard, snow, biker, bicycle, student, winter, Minnesota

Towards university

eagle, winter, Minnesota

Taking off

Minnesota, snow, winter, ice, lake, Lake Bemidji, rescue training, firefighters

Preparation for rescue training, Lake Bemidji

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