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Memory of the Land. The idea of landscape connects 'land' with the Germanic word schaffen: to shape, create. All human cultures, all generations have left their own traces on the environment, layer by layer, shaping unique places and distinct regions, engraving achievements as well as mistakes. A landscape makes time visible. Not everything can be shown in an image though. Underneath a picturesque landscape, an environmental threat or a piece of history that is unknown, forgotten, or ignored might be hidden. Things may not be exactly as they appear to the naked eye. My photos need captions for context. A viewer may decide for themselves to just look a photo or to learn more about the places’ stories.

winter, ice, water, cold, rough, Minnesota

Beyond Whiteness

artist, painter, studio

Bagley Area Artists, Clearwater County, Minnesota (assignment for Bagley Area Arts Collaborative, funded by Region2Arts)

portrait, woman, dancer, performance


dance, dance theatre, performance


Sam Miltich, jazz, jazz musician, jazz guitarist, concert, performance

Sam Miltich 

child, girl, Ojibwe, Ojibwe girl

Ojibwe Language Summer Camp

artist, potterer, Minnesota, creatives

Artists at work

White Nose Syndrome, bats, Minnesota, Itasca State Park

White Nose Syndrome

Horti Noctus - The Garden of the Night

forest, fog, Erfurt, Thuringia, Thueringen, Germany

The distant forest

Kenya, girl, red soil

The big dream

photo exhibition, Kenya, women, photos, gallery

Photo project with kids in Kalungu, Kenya

Kenya, landscape, water, land grabbing

Land grabbing issues in Kenya

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